Are you ready to impress your guests with charcuterie that looks professional AF?

In Hosting Made Easy, I share the step-by-step process I use to create beautiful, classic charcuterie boards and charcuterie cups. In this bundle, I outline my exact board building and cup creating steps for you to replicate, use and make your own so hosting with charcuterie can be fun & EASY.

Picture this...

It's a beautiful, sunny summer day and you're hosting family and friends. Guests enter your front door to be greeted with a BEAUTIFUL charcuterie spread and they ask where you got it from. They expect you to say “Oh, I catered it in”, but instead you respond with, “Oh, I made it this morning!”

  • Eyes widen in amazement.

  • Jaws drop to the floor.

  • Sheer astonishment ripples through the room.

Now unfortunately for most people, this is simply a day dream. But not for you.

And I know you might be thinking... "this sounds too good to be true". So let me quickly remind you of what's possible for you.

This is what my boards used to look like.

April 2021

With a deep love for bringing people together and a dream of becoming the ultimate hostess, I embarked on my charcuterie journey.

This is what they look like today.

May 2024

Professionally arranged, and I often receive questions about my "culinary background" (which I absolutely don't have).

I'll save you the details on how I went from point A to point B, because that's what the courses in this bundle teach you!

But for now you just need to remember one thing: if it's possible for me, it's possible for you too and I'm going to show you how.

Don't just listen to me....

Hear what past Vision Boards Charcuterie students have said!

“I could never figure out why I couldn't get my charcuterie boards to look good, but based on the tips from Carissa, it was so EASY and turned out so beautiful!”


“I have more confidence to create my own board and look forward to making them for future events!!”


“From start to finish, great customer service - VBC (Carissa) exceeded expectations!”


“LOVE making boards now! They've become such a staple when having people over or hosting for the holidays”


“Made a beautiful board that I got a ton of compliments on at a party!”


Sneak Peak

Take a quick look inside

I know right now you may feel like...

  • Entertaining stresses you out

    You want to impress your guests, but the idea of making a presentable charcuterie arrangement overwhelms you.

  • You're not creative enough to make your own board

    You question your ability, so you find yourself doom scrolling on pinterest for inspo, wasting hours of your time

  • You would rather save money

    You've ordered charcuterie boards in the past, but know it would be financially responsible to make your own

But can you imagine...

  • Feeling more confident and less stressed about entertaining?

  • Creating a jaw dropping display for family and friends?

  • Being the go-to charcuterie girlie at parties?


Coming to the table with the beautiful arrangements below?

If any of this resonated with you, Hosting Made Easy has exactly what you need.

  • Lifetime Access to my 2 Signature Courses: Boards Made Easy & Cups Made Easy

    $400 value

    Lifetime access to my EXACT step-by-step process to create professional, classic charcuterie boards and charcuterie cups for you to reference at any point.

  • 45+ Video Lessons & 12+ Downloadable Guides

    $297 value

    From pairing guides, to themed boards and intricate ingredient & materials lists, this course is stacked with all the resources you'll need. I am with you at every point of the process on screen, walking you through your prep, styling techniques and the final arrangement of your boards and cups.

  • Direct access to me through the "CharcuterEase Lounge"

    $97 value

    Ask me questions, network with fellow charcuterie enthusiasts and post your final charcuterie creations to the lounge so we can all celebrate you!

SO are you ready to take your charcuterie game to the next level?

Because if it's possible for me, it's possible for you too.

Hi, I'm Carissa the founder of Vision Boards Charcuterie

Vision Boards Charcuterie, based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is a charcuterie experiences company offering custom boards, intimate workshop experiences and patent-pending charcuterie accessories called Bleuprints. Founded by Carissa Kurre, Vision Boards Charcuterie is on a mission to create beautiful moments, on and off the board.


  • How long will I have access to the courses?

    This bundle comes with lifetime access to all videos and course materials!

  • Will I know which ingredients/materials I'll need?

    Absolutely! All materials and ingredients are clearly outlined at the beginning of each course so you can build your board and create your cups alongside the videos.

  • What if I have allergies?

    Each course comes with an "Easy Ingredient Exchange" download, which outlines easy ingredient swaps in case of any nut/gluten allergies.

  • Why should I get it now?

    The course & bundle prices will go up on May 1st when they officially launch! Get in now to receive 50% off and a FREE patent-pending Bleuprint charcuterie stencil.

  • Which courses are included in the Hosting Made Easy Bundle?

    The Hosting Made Easy bundle includes my 2 flagship courses: Boards Made Easy & Cups Made Easy!

  • What's your refund policy?

    If you don't absolutely love your purchase, you can request a refund within 7 days of your access!

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